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Bonita Springs Mulch Services


Mulch Services Bonita Springs

Is your yard a monotony of boring green? Do you want to bring more contrast to your landscape? Applying mulched areas to your yard may be the solution you’re looking for. Using local mulch services can make quick work of transforming your lawn into an eye-catching scene that features unique landscape design and a lush environment.

At L&G Lawn Care, we only use wood mulches that are well suited for Florida’s unique climate. Below are some of the high-quality mulch materials that we use:
Pine Bark
Pine Straw
Dyed Mulch

The Benefits of Using Mulch

Implementing mulch into your yard can have a great impact on the overall design of your landscape. Mulched areas provide a lively contrast to your healthy green lawn while also encouraging growth in your plants. Any greenery sections where mulch is applied will retain soil moisture, maintain a healthy ground temperature, and be protected from erosion and weeds.

Finding the right mulch to suit the climate of your Bonita Springs landscape can be difficult. L&G Lawn Care has access to the finest mulches in the area, and can consult with you on the best materials to use based on the existing plant life in your yard.

Why Hire a Professional Mulch Service?

A professional mulch service like L&G Lawn Care has tools and experience that rivals that of the average homeowner. We implement unique mulching techniques and landscape design that can transform your yard into a well-kept and inviting space.

There are a couple of ways that we can implement mulch onto your property. We use the latest industry tools and materials for our mulch services, with custom application practices like the ones below:


When you have planting beds that you want to stay separate from your lawn, we can use trenching alongside our mulch services to create a tangible barrier. L&G Lawn Care uses trenching machines and shovels to carve a border around your mulched planting beds. The final result will be a mulched area that looks manicured and tastefully contrasts the rest of your lawn.

Pebbles, rocks & stones

There are some landscapes whose layout and greenery are better suited for creek pebbles, lava rock, or brick chip mulch applications. Because these stones attract heat, they are best paired with native desert plants like cactuses and succulents. L&G Lawn Care can consult with you and see if your lawn is better suited for this unique mulch type.

Improve Landscape Design with Bonita Springs Mulch Services

Signing on with a professional mulch service near you will give you access to a team of landscapers whose industry expertise will transform your yard in no time. Our on-going mulch services include seasonal visits where we reapply mulch and tidy up your plant beds and other affected areas. You can upgrade the look of your landscape at any time, too! L&G Lawn Care can design and redesign your lawn and mulched areas to suit your tastes while also encouraging a healthy environment for your plants.  

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