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Bonita Springs Plant Pruning


Quality Plant Pruning Bonita Springs?

L&G Lawn Care can perform plant pruning services at any residential property. Whether you have towering trees or a variety of flowering shrubs, we have the equipment needed to keep your yard tidy and well-kept. For top-quality Bonita Springs plant pruning services, choose L&G Lawn Care!


What is plant pruning?

Pruning involves the removal of particular areas of trees, shrubs, or other plant life – like roots, buds, and branches – which are dead or dying. The diseased portions of these plants are usually afflicted with parasites or poor growing conditions that can quickly kill the entire plant if you don’t treat the problem area ASAP.

Why Plant Pruning is Important

Plants of all ages and species can benefit from routine pruning services. Plant pruning is a form of preventative maintenance for all plant types. Having your plants on a regular pruning schedule can prevent disease, damage, and injury while also promoting growth and a long, healthy life.

While pruning eliminates dead areas on your greenery and allows for new growth, it is also a great way to improve the overall appearance of your landscape. Trees and shrubs that flower or produce fruit have a much larger and healthier turnaround as a result of plant pruning.

When pruning trees, removing dead limbs prevents property damage from fallen branches. This keeps you and your neighbors safe while also keeping your tree healthy. When you sign up for a local plant pruning service, you can enjoy a lush yard that is free of debris, disease, and hazards.

What Plants need to be Pruned?

The short answer is that all plants need to be pruned, it’s only a matter of when. Plant pruning is a task that must be done year-round, with each season focusing on specific plants. It’s important to carry out pruning before each plant’s peak flowering month, in order to get a fully lush plant each season. Below, L&G Lawn Care has compiled a list of the most common yard plants and their pruning times:

Spring Plant Pruning

Summer Plant Pruning

Fall Plant Pruning

Winter Plant Pruning

Always remember to leave the pruning to the experts if you aren’t sure about the best methods to promote plant health while eliminating problem areas. Carrying out plant pruning with no experience can cause lasting damage to your plant.

Trust the experts at L&G Lawn care to perform seasonal pruning for all of your landscape’s greenery. We are a team of experts with intricate knowledge on all vegetation and their best pruning times and methods.

A Plant Pruning Service Near You

L&G Lawn Care is here for all of your Bonita Springs plant pruning needs. Our team will treat your yard’s flowers and greenery with care, and will take steps to ensure that every bloom is full and healthy each season. 

Contact your local plant pruning service today to see how we can help improve the quality of growth in your plants! (239) 233-0012

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