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Weed Control Services


Weed Control Services Bonita Springs

Is your yard infested with weeds? Are you tired of pulling out these infectious plants by their roots or spraying harmful chemicals on your lawn? L&G Lawn Care is here for you! Our Bonita Springs weed control services are carried out with equipment and eco-friendly solutions that will keep your yard clear of weeds year round.

Total Weed Eliminator

Your yard is full of plant life that suffers when weeds run wild. All the hard work that you’ve put into your landscape design – all of the pretty flowers and bushes – can quickly die when you have a weed infestation. L&G Lawn Care eliminates weeds at their source and performs proven treatment techniques that prevent most weed species from resurfacing.

When you need a total weed eliminator in Bonita Springs, trust the team at L&G Lawn Care. As part of our weed control service program, we will visit your location on a routine basis to treat your lawn and prevent weed growth after we have eliminated all the weeds on your property during our first visit.

Our weed control service program is as follows:


Before we perform any weed control services at your property, we will meet with you at your home and assess the current state of your yard. After that, we will develop a weed control plan that eliminates your invasive plants as quickly and effectively as possible.


Our first weed treatment service is the most intricate. During this visit, we will dig deep and pull out the weeds in your yard by their roots. Then, we will treat your soil and greenery with a unique blend of all-natural weed killer that is safe for your plants and lawn.

Recurring Care

Once we’ve finished with our first round of weed treatment, we will continue to visit your home on a routine basis and treat your lawn and plant life with our eco-friendly weed solution that prevents further weed growth in the future. Trust our team to keep your lawn weed-free! 

Weed Control that is Safe for Plants

As a team of landscape designers, L&G Lawn Care knows just how important the state of your lawn is. We work to promote healthy growth in your outdoor greenery, which is why we take steps to maintain the integrity of your plants while also eliminating weeds on your property. Our weed control methods involve hands-on treatment, where we pull weeds out by their roots. Any weed-killing solutions we use on your greenery is safe and eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that your plants will still be standing strong after the weeds are gone.

Enjoy A Yard Free of Weeds

Nobody likes to have weeds in their yard, and getting rid of these invasive plants can be an uphill battle when you don’t have the right tools. L&G Lawn Care can eliminate the weeds in your yard in a timely manner and will take steps to prevent further weed growth. Our affordable weed control services are great for lawns both large and small.

Call today to get started with your Bonita Springs weed control company! (239) 233-0012

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